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Is Your Child Eating Too Much Sugar?

Piece of PieIt’s been found that a high-sugar diet contributes to cancer, heart disease, ADHD, and diabetes. However, it seems difficult to get away from sugar, as anything delicious seems to contain copious amounts!

It’s especially important to monitor the sugar intake of children. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), kids should only have around 12 grams of sugar a day. This means one single juice box contains twice the allotted daily amount of sugar. As a parent, make sure you’re reading the labels on your child’s food and beverage labels.

Signs That Your Child Is Eating Too Much Sugar

Below are a few ways to tell if your child is consuming too much sugar:

  • Your child craves or asks for sugary foods or drinks. Sugar is a very addictive substance and the more you eat, the more you crave. If your child is constantly snacking on sugary foods, this can be a red flag.
  • Your child’s attitude and demeanor can tell you a lot about their diet. For example, if your child is moody and lethargic, this may be the result of a rollercoaster blood sugar level. The constant sugar highs and crashes can cause these symptoms.
  • Lastly, sugar is the number one cause of dental cavities! If your child is developing lots of cavities, this can be a sign that their diet is out of control. Even if a child is a diligent brusher, consuming too much sugar will cause cavities no matter what. These sugars will cling to the tooth enamel and begin to wear it away before your child can even have a chance to brush.

If you believe that your child may be consuming too much sugar, it might be time to cut back on his or her sugar intake. It may also be time for a dental cleaning and a checkup here at Little Rockies Pediatric Dentistry. To make an appointment, please contact our Parker, Colorado pediatric dental office today.

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