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Invisalign® are clear aligners that take an advanced technology approach to straighten teeth. Using a series of custom-made teeth aligners, teeth can be aligned, creating more perfect smiles. Invisalign® is the clear braces choice for any who wishes to conceal the appearance of dental braces.  

Perfectly invisible dental braces do not exist, but clear aligners like Invisalign® are very close. The clear plastic trays worn over the teeth are smooth, comfortable, and virtually invisible. By replacing the trays at the appropriate times and wearing the removable appliance long enough during each day, teeth will gradually shift into the right place.

Invisalign® vs. Traditional Dental Braces

Although traditional dental braces and clear aligners help straighten and align teeth, Invisalign® or clear aligners are not always helpful for conditions requiring jaw and bite movement. Our pediatric orthodontist may recommend traditional dental braces for patients requiring more than teeth movement. But fear not - dental braces can still be concealed with ceramic braces, which mimic the color of teeth. 

When qualified for Invisalign®, clear dental aligners offer a level of comfort, convenience, and confidence that cannot be found with traditional braces. The cutting-edge approach to Invisalign® has minimal interference in how you live, but clear aligner orthodontic treatment will have a positive impact on how you look and feel.

Take the first step toward improving your child's smile and contact Little Rockies Kids Dental today. 

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