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Dental Extractions

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An extraction is the process of removing a tooth. The procedure is usually relatively easy, and can usually be done quickly and while your child is awake. We can use local anesthetic injections to aid in pain management.

Why might my child need a tooth extracted?

  • Crowding: Sometimes, in preparation for having braces placed, your child’s tooth or teeth will need to be pulled. The braces may not work correctly if your child’s teeth are too large for their mouth.
  • Infection: If tooth decay on your child’s tooth reaches the pulp of the tooth, which contains all the blood vessels and nerves, bacteria can then enter the pulp and can cause an infection. Usually a root canal can fix this problem, however sometimes the infection is too severe. If this is the case, extraction can be the only way to stop the infection from spreading.
  • Periodontal (Gum) Disease: Gum disease (an infection of the soft tissues of the mouth) can cause significant loosening of teeth. In some severe cases, teeth may need to be taken out completely.

What is the process of extraction?

To prepare for your child’s tooth extraction,  our pediatric dentist will numb the area around the tooth, including the tooth itself, the surrounding gums, and the jawbone.

In order to loosen the tooth for removal, it will be firmly rocked back and forth. But because of the anesthetic, your child should not feel any pain during this process, just some pressure.

There can sometimes be complications relating to the roots of a tooth, the shape of a tooth or the tooth’s position, all of which should be apparent once the x-rays of your child’s teeth have been viewed. If a tooth is buried in bone, a more surgical approach may be required. The gums may need to be cut away and the bone may need to be removed using a surgical drill. In situations like this, your anesthetic options might vary, depending on the severity, and stitches would be used to replace the gum to the normal position.

After your child’s extraction is complete we will be able to provide you with information and instructions you need in order to make sure that your child’s mouth will heal properly.

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