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Traditional Dental Braces

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Dental braces can correct crooked and crowded teeth, misaligned bites, and jaw alignment issues. Orthodontic braces may also eliminate problems with eating, speaking, or keeping teeth clean. In addition, with advancements in dental technology, traditional dental braces are sleeker, smaller, and more comfortable.

Traditional braces consist of metal brackets that are adhered to teeth with an adhesive and connected by wire. Dental braces require periodic tightening every 4-6 weeks to gradually straighten teeth and align the jaw. While metal braces are still the most common orthodontic option, other orthodontic treatment options are available. Learn more about traditional dental braces and how you can customize them to fit your lifestyle below.

While traditional metal orthodontic braces are most common, patients may opt for other types of dental braces to reduce their visibility. Here are the types of dental braces we offer at Little Rockies Kids Dental:

  • Metal Braces
    Metal braces are the traditional braces that have existed for over a century. Metal braces are clearly visible; they work and are practical. Metal dental braces are fixed dental braces installed or removed with the help of our pediatric orthodontist.
  • Ceramic Braces
    Ceramic braces are an alternative near clear braces option to reduce the noticeability of dental braces. Ceramic braces are tooth-colored and discreet, working like metal braces to align teeth.
  • Self-Ligating Braces
    Self-ligating braces use a built-in system to secure the archwire to the brackets - aka self-ligating brackets. The ligatures (clips or doors) that hold the wires of your orthodontic braces secure the wire in place. They do not use elastic ties like metal or ceramic braces. Some patients claim less discomfort with self-ligating brackets – a study that requires more data. However, adjustment times are generally reduced, and these appliances are easier to clean.

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