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10 Signs Your Child May Need Braces

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There are various reasons for orthodontic problems to show up. They can either be hereditary or develop over time due to lifestyle choices and habits, among other factors.

However, the time during which all the milk teeth of your child have fallen and permanent teeth have grown out is the best time to fix any apparent orthodontic issues that they may be suffering from. Since the bones are still soft, it is easier to manipulate them into growing the correct way.

Of course, not every child needs braces. But there are a few signs from which you can tell that they may require to undergo this treatment.

Signs That May Indicate Your Child Needs Braces

  • They have trouble biting their teeth together.
  • They have teeth that are misaligned, misplaced, or overcrowded.
  • They experienced irregularity or delay in the loss of their baby teeth.
  • Their adult teeth 'aren't growing correctly.
  • They have an overbite. An overbite means that the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth.
  • They have an underbite, in which the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth.
  • They have a cross-bite, where the upper teeth sit inside the bottom teeth.
  • They have an open bite. An open bite means that the upper and lower teeth do not touch due to there being a slight slant in the frontal teeth.
  • They consistently end up biting the inner cheek or the roof of their mouth.
  • In rare cases, mouth breathing or snoring could also be a sign that your kid needs braces.

So if you notice any of these signs in your preteen or teen kids, you should probably consult your dentist about whether your child needs braces or other treatments to fix the issue.

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