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What to Do When My Child Grinds Their Teeth?

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Teeth grinding can be unsettling, but it's a much bigger problem than it appears! If left untreated, it could cause pain, wear down the teeth, and lead to jaw problems.

So, what do you do if your child grinds their teeth? Let's take a look.

Teeth Grinding in Children

Teeth grinding is called bruxism, a common children's dental problem. Many kids grind their teeth at some point during their development, and some carry the habit to adulthood! Bruxism usually occurs during sleep but can also happen during waking hours.

Knowing why it happens can help determine how to address the issue.

Causes of Bruxism

There are several reasons why your child could be grinding their teeth.

  • Stress and anxiety - some children grind their teeth as a stress response. If you notice your child grinding their teeth, ask them about any stressors in their life to determine if this is the cause.
  • Misaligned teeth - misaligned teeth or irregular bite can also result in grinding. You'll have to ask a children's dental care expert to help with this and recommend appropriate interventions.
  • Sleep environment - Since teeth grinding usually occurs during sleep, it is also useful to consider the sleep environment and determine if it is comfortable enough.

Addressing Teeth Grinding

You should consult a pediatric dentist if your child is grinding their teeth. If the cause of bruxism is related to the teeth, they can help with an orthodontic solution. In other cases, you may want to try relaxation techniques and adjusting the sleep environment.

But regardless of what the cause is, you should get your child a night guard. This doesn't stop the grinding, but it does help protect the child's teeth from the effects of grinding. It's custom-made to fit the teeth and helps prevent dental issues.

While addressing the cause of bruxism is important, until this is done, it's equally important to protect your child's teeth!

Preserving Your Child's Smile

Occasional teeth grinding is common and often resolves on its own, though persistent or severe cases may warrant professional intervention. If you notice signs of significant tooth wear, jaw pain, or if your child's grinding is causing disruptions to their daily life, you can consult a children's pediatric dentistry expert for help.

At Little Rockies Kids Dental, we are committed to protecting your child's teeth and preserving their lovely smile. Contact us now!

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