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Making Sure Your Child’s First Dental Visit is Successful

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Child in dental chair with dentist and staffWe know that first visits to the dentist’s office can be stressful for kids; dental visits can even be stressful for grown-ups! However, even if your child finds the dentist to be a scary experience, it’s still important to bring them in for regular checkups and to put them at ease here in our office. This will not only allow us to care for their baby teeth but will also help them establish a foundation for good oral health habits for the rest of their lives.

Tips for a Successful First Dental Visit

Below are a few great tips to help make sure your child’s first visit to our office is simple and successful:

  • Make sure it’s the right time – According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, your child should visit the dentist by his or her first birthday or the eruption of the first tooth. Baby teeth are more vulnerable and prone to decay than adult teeth, so checkups in childhood are especially important.
  • Talk to your child about it – The earlier you choose to introduce your child to oral healthcare, the better. There’s no shortage of songs, books, and even episodes of child’s shows about caring for teeth. Talk about the importance of good oral hygiene habits and make them comfortable with the idea of the dentist.
  • Practice good at-home oral hygiene – Begin brushing and flossing your children’s teeth as soon as they begin to erupt. The more comfortable your child is with a toothbrush or floss, the less of a chore it will be to get them to care for their teeth as they age. Kids can begin to brush their own teeth around the age of 6-8 but will need help and supervision before then.
  • Set an example – Children are incredibly perceptive and will watch the adults in their life very closely. If you’re caring for your own teeth and mouth and approach the dentist in a calm manner, your child will understand the importance and feel more at ease.

If it’s time for you to make your child’s dental cleaning and checkup, please contact Little Rockies Pediatric Dentistry located here in Parker, Colorado.  

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