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What Are Child Dentists Called?

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A pediatric dentist, often known as a pedodontist, is a dentist who specializes in children’s dental care. The job of a pedodontist is important, because a child’s teeth are highly sensitive, and it’s important that their permanent teeth grow correctly.

A pediatric dentist goes through four years of dental school before specializing in pediatric dentistry.  Pedodontists treat patients from birth till age 17.

How Our Teeth Develop

Baby teeth start to grow at six months and typically finish by two years old. As adult teeth start to erupt, youngsters often start losing their baby teeth around the age of six or seven. The main teeth should be taken care of just like your own adult teeth because children are born with both sets of teeth in their jaw.

How Do Pediatric Dentists Treat Children?

Pedodontists provide the same dental care to children that a standard dentist provides to adults. They conduct thorough oral health examinations and educate parents on preventive measures for dental ailments that can inflict children. Pediatric dentists also work to diagnose dental issues the child may already suffer from.

Find a Pediatric Dentist Today

If you’re looking for a pedodontist for your own child, the best source of information are your own friends and family members who already have kids. Your pediatrician will also be able to give you a list of pediatric dentists in your neighborhood, some of whom may work in hospitals, dental clinics, or even private practices.

When your pediatrician advises you to take your kid in for their first dental appointment, you can be sure that your child will be treated by the proper dental professional since a pediatric dentist will ensure that your child receives specialized treatment for their oral health.

If you are in need of a pediatric dentist, contact Little Rockies Kids Dental today.

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