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Using the Tooth Fairy as an Oral Hygiene Teaching Tool

Tooth fairyThe tooth fairy is beloved among children! For most, she’s a tutu-clad fairy with a tooth-shaped wand who rewards children with treats in exchange for lost teeth. Parents can use this excitement and interest in the tooth fairy to teach their children about the importance of oral health and caring for their teeth.

Tooth Fairy as a Teaching Tool

Below are a few ways for parents to use the tooth fairy to teach their children about the importance of dental hygiene:

  • Introduce the tooth fairy early on – Kids typically begin to lose teeth between the ages of 5 and 6. But even before they start losing teeth you can be teaching them about the tooth fairy and building excitement. Let them know that the tooth fairy only visits to take healthy teeth and may not leave gifts for teeth with cavities! 
  • Give oral health gifts – According to a study conducted in 2013, the tooth fairy left money at 99% of homes. Instead of cash, consider leaving a new toothbrush featuring a favorite character, a book about the tooth fairy, or toothpaste with a fun flavor.
  • Leave notes reinforcing good habits – A personalized note to your child from the tooth fairy can be just as exciting as the treat itself. This note can include good oral hygiene tips, areas where your child could use improvement (like flossing more) and positive reinforcement for the things they’re doing well (like brushing for a full two minutes).

No matter what your tooth fairy traditions are, it has proven to help foster goodwill towards the dentist and oral hygiene for small children. These habits will then carry over into adulthood, allowing your child to have a healthy, beautiful smile for life!

To make an appointment for your kids to receive a dental cleaning and exam here at Little Rockies Pediatric Dentistry, please contact our children’s dental office in Parker, Colorado today.

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