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Signs of Cyber Bullying

A boy being bullied after school

Cyberbullying can be a horrid crime. It can destroy the victim's self-confidence and lead to severe emotional damage. In some cases, it can lead to even worse consequences, and with the rapid advancement of mobile technology, more and more kids are being given access to mobile devices and the internet at a much younger age.

However, many parents don't realize that their kid could be a victim of cyberbullying, and they may not even notice it. Many kids tend to keep such things a secret, as they tend to blame themselves for what is happening. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your eyes open for any types of signs of cyberbullying.

  1. One of the major signs of cyberbullying is if your kid is nervous or scared about going to school or even outside to play.  If they're constantly looking for reasons and excuses to skip school, it is necessary that you try to talk to them and get to the root cause of the issue.
  2. Do you ever notice your kid getting nervous or jumpy while on their phone, laptop, or tablet? If they constantly act that way, it means that they are trying to hide something unpleasant. Try to keep such devices in commonly used areas to maintain a watchful eye.
  3. While most kids are pretty private about their online activity when it comes to their parents, if they seem especially unwilling to share anything related to their online activity, it may be a sign that they are being bullied. As discussed before, victims of cyberbullying are usually afraid to speak out. So if you notice extreme unease in your kid while trying to discuss their online activity, try to create a space where they feel safe to talk.

It is important to spot cyberbullying early on so that you can prevent any unnecessary emotional damage. Make sure that you pay special attention to your kids – especially in this day and age.

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