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Parker, CO Dentistry Provides More Than General Services

2-2017-LPPD-#2.jpgDid you know that over 500,000 people visit the dentist each year?  That is according to a Center for Disease Control study recently completed.  However, so many adults and children suffer from preventable oral diseases.  Why?  Most patients don’t visit a dentist till they are in pain.  This is even harder to recognize with children.  The adage goes, “proper dental care can help give you a happy smile”  Prevention is the best way to keep your smile and your teeth healthy.  

Because of how easy it is to have and keep a healthy smile we at Little Rockies Pediatric Dentistry wanted to let you know of some of our other services we offer.  Dr. Matt Brady is ready to treat a whole array of issues to help keep your child's smile at its brightest.

Cavities: Boo for cavities, says your child as he finds out he has one.  There are three different types of cavities- Smooth surface cavities, which create holes on the smooth sides of the front or back of the teeth; Root cavities, which develop on the surface of the tooth directly over the roots, and pit and fissure cavities, which create holes on the top or chewing surface of the teeth.

If not treated promptly, they can grow bigger and become more of a pain for your little one, affecting more layers of your child’s teeth. This can be very painful and may even lead to losing the tooth altogether.  Dr. Brady is skilled in not only alleviating the cavity, but making sure your child is calm and leaves with a soon to be, bright smile and happy face.

Dental Extractions: An extraction is the process of removing a tooth. The procedure is usually relatively easy, and can usually be done quickly and while your child is awake. We can use local anesthetic injections to aid in pain management.

Restorative Dentistry: Restorative dentistry is any procedure that restores a diseased tooth back to being functional and aesthetic. This includes crowns, veneers, root canal therapy, or fillings.

Teeth Cleaning: The most important part of a trip to the dentist is teeth cleaning.  Dr. Brady and his team offers teeth cleaning for your little one’s that will surely keep them happy and smiling and will also help to instill good brushing habits.

Well these are just a small selection of what Dr. Brady at Little Rockie Pediatric Dentistry can offer.  For the full list please visit our website here.  Don’t forget to call us for  your appointments at 720-638-6114

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