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Healthy Back-to-School Lunch Ideas

Kids eating veggiesOnce your children go back to school, it’s hard to monitor how well they’re caring for their teeth or if they’re eating healthy foods. If your child eats lunch provided by the school, there might be a few unhealthy options. There’s a better chance that your child will eat a healthy lunch if they’re able to take one with them. 

Healthy School Lunch Ideas 

Below are a few mouth-healthy foods to pack in your child’s lunchbox: 

  • Apples – Apples are able to help clean the teeth while they’re being chewed. As they’re eaten, the fibrous texture of the apples helps to scrub the gums and teeth, keeping them clean and avoiding plaque buildup. Apples are also great for your child’s body and help to promote fresh breath. 
  • Carrots – Carrots are high in fiber and vitamin A. Eating carrots can also stimulate saliva production in your child’s mouth, which helps to wash away plaque and bacteria. A small bag of baby carrots is a great addition to your child’s lunch. 
  • Cheese – Cheese contains a large amount of calcium, which is good for your child’s bones and teeth. Cheese also contains a protein known as casein, which is known for strengthening tooth enamel and helping stave away cavities. String cheese or sliced cheese are both good lunch options. 
  • Yogurt – Like cheese, yogurt is also high in calcium and casein. Yogurt also contains good bacteria which counteracts the bad bacteria in the mouth. Yogurt is high in probiotics, which balances the pH levels in your child’s mouth. Pack some low-fat Greek yogurt in your child’s lunch and include some fresh fruit, honey, or granola to make it more palatable for your child. 
  • Water – Lastly, pack plenty of water to remind your child to rinse out his or her mouth after lunch is over. This will wash away any leftover bacteria, plaque, or food debris and promote saliva production. 

Here at Little Rockies Pediatric Dentistry, we want all of our patients to have a healthy and happy school year. For more tips on helping to maintain your child’s healthy smile or to make an appointment for a back-to-school dental checkup, please contact Little Rockies Pediatric Dentistry. Our child’s dental & orthodontic office located in Parker, CO.

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