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Dentistry For Kids

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Unfortunately, many parents don’t think that early dental care is very important. They reason that, since baby teeth are going to fall out anyway, they don’t have to take all the measures that are necessary to care for permanent teeth. This is absolutely not the case!

Baby teeth set the foundation for good oral hygiene that your child will practice for the rest of their life. Teaching your child to keep their baby teeth healthy will ensure that they take the same measures to take care of their permanent teeth.

Not only is early oral hygiene good practice for adulthood, but healthy baby teeth also lead to a healthy mouth. Any damage or decay that starts in these small, vulnerable teeth can spread to the jawbone, causing problems that can plague your child through their life. Improper oral hygiene can also cause your child to develop gingivitis, which can also start a host of other problems for your child’s overall health.

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