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5 Foods Your Teeth Should Avoid

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The causes of tooth decay are the same, regardless of age. Tooth decay occurs when you have an underlying plaque comprising bacteria that feed on the sugar you ingest, resulting in cavities. In this blog, we'll be discussing the top five foods your teeth should avoid. Read on to find out!

1. Alcohol

While consuming alcohol isn't healthy, have you ever noticed that whenever you drink alcohol, you dry out your mouth? A dry mouth lacks saliva, which prevents food from sticking to your teeth and helps you swallow food. Therefore, to help keep your mouth hydrated, drink plenty of water or use a fluoride rinse.

2. Pasta Sauce

Although tomatoes are healthy to eat, they are acidic. When you eat pasta with tomato sauce, it can end up causing significant damage to your teeth, breaking down your tooth's enamel while the carbs feed the bacteria. Instead, eat pasta with cheese.

3. Dried Fruit

Dried fruits like apricots, fruit roll-ups, and raisins are often believed to be examples of wholesome snacks. However, the sugar found in the dried fruits could lead to tooth decay. Moreover, due to their chewy texture, they can stick to your teeth, giving the bacteria extra time to cause damage.

4. Soft Drinks

Whether sugar-free or not, soft drinks contain acid that can damage your teeth and lead to increased dental erosion and cavities. Therefore, avoid soft drinks and opt for unsweetened water or tea instead. Moreover, don't immediately brush your teeth after having a soft drink, as the acid makes your teeth vulnerable.

5. Sugary Candies and Sweets

If you like having sweets, eat those that quickly dissolve in your mouth. Sweets such as caramel, hard or chewy candies, jelly beans, and lollipops make it difficult for saliva to wash away sugar, causing cavities and even tooth decay.

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