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The Anatomy of Teeth

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A mold of teeth

Your teeth are one of the most complex structures in your body. Apart from helping you eat food, teeth also play a critical role in ensuring fluent speech. Out of the 32 teeth in an adult's mouth, twenty are essential, as they have their own unique structure and functionality. These 20 are further divided into four categories; incisors (the four teeth located at the top front of your mouth and the bottom), canines (the four pointy teeth next to the incisors), pre-molars (eight teeth located adjacent to the canine), and molars (the eight teeth located after the molars).

Want to understand the anatomy of teeth? Read on to learn!

  1. Enamel

Made from calcium phosphate, the enamel is the hardest substance in your body. It is the outermost layer of your teeth.

  1. Cementum

Attached to the periodontal ligament, the cementum is a hard-connective tissue that connects your teeth's root to its socket.

  1. Dentin

Though not as hard as the enamel, the dentin layer is 22% water and 78% minerals. The dentin layer gets exposed in case the enamel has been damaged. This results in increased sensitivity and tooth pain.

  1. Root

The root of the teeth is coated with a hard layer of cementum. One end of the root is attached to the dentin, while the other is attached to the periodontal ligament. The root meets the crown at the gum line. It is responsible for attaching the teeth to your gums.

  1. Crown

The crown is the most visible part of your teeth. It plays an essential role in helping you in biting and chewing. The crown of your teeth is covered with a layer of enamel to protect it from a bacterial invasion.

  1. Pulp

The pulp is the soft, living center of your teeth. It is comprised of nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels that descent into your gums. You might require a root canal if the pulp dies or gets damaged.

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