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4 Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas

Candy Basket

When your child starts to lose their teeth, you know it’s time for a visit from the tooth fairy. But what is the tooth fairy leaving the kids underneath the pillow nowadays? Is it just candy, or do they leave behind some money as well? Let’s go through a few tooth fairy ideas for you to use for your kids.

Leave a Note

Leave a personalized note under your kids’ pillow signed by the “tooth fairy.” You can write about how happy the tooth fairy is with this child and that they will keep coming back if they continue to be good a kid. Such pretty notes will go a long way with your children.

Glitter Coins

If there’s one thing common between fairies and children is that they both love glitter. You can leave coins dipped in a glitter of different colors. Your children will be ecstatic to wake up to find glittered coins, as they’ll consider it “money from the fairyland.”

Little Fairy Doorways

This might take some of your time and effort, but it is totally worth it. You can create little doors and tell your kids that fairies enter from that door. It will get your kids excited, and you can get them to do anything you want if they want a visit from the tooth fairy.


Finally, you can never go wrong with candy. Waking up to candy is something kids will enjoy thoroughly. Get them their favorite kind of candy and shove it beneath their pillow to replace their lost tooth. Just don’t leave them candy that can potentially break their other teeth.


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