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3 Of The Most Harmful Foods For Your Kid's Teeth

A basket full of chewy and sugary candy such as gummy worms and candy corn

What you eat can have a huge impact on your oral health. This is especially true for your children, who tend to eat mindlessly and have baby teeth that are more vulnerable. Hence, it is important to ensure that their intake of foods that are harmful to the teeth is limited.

Following are some foods that you should ensure your kids are eating a limited or no amount of.

  • Chewy, Sugary Candy: Without a doubt, chewy, sugary candies land on top of the most harmful foods for teeth. Sugar can cause the teeth' enamel to deteriorate, which can further result in tooth decay and cavity. Whereas gummy products stay in the mouth for longer, multiplying the harmful effects of sugar. It is good to limit their intake of gummy products as much as possible and only use them as occasional treats.
  • Pasta, Bread, and Chips: You don't have to cut these out of your kid's diet completely. However, starchy food such as bread, pasta, and chips should be consumed in moderation. When they do consume these foods, ensure that they brush their teeth immediately afterward. When starchy food isn't cleaned away quickly, it can convert into sugar while stuck between the teeth.
  • Ice: A lot of kids have the habit of chewing on ice. Thinking that it is just water, most parents ignore it. However, this can be very bad for their teeth. The ice in itself isn't harmful, but chewing on it with too much force can damage the teeth.

To ensure that your kid's oral health is always, make sure you regularly take them to the dentist for routine checkups. If you reside near Parker, CO, pay a visit to Little Rockies Pediatric Dentistry for consultancy.

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