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What Happens If Cavities Are Left Untreated in Kids?

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So, you just found out that your kid has a cavity. Don’t panic! Consult a children’s dentist immediately.

Looking after your kid’s teeth can be hard. They don’t brush properly and forget to floss. They eat candy and junk food. So, cavities are a given.

It’s not our intention to scare you. However, here’s what happens when cavities are not treated on time:

Cavity in Its Form

If you never had a cavity, here’s how to spot it:

A discolored and dark hole.

Sounds ominous, right? Well, it is. The holes get larger the longer they are left untreated. As a result, the enamel gets weaker and weaker.

It doesn’t start with a black hole, though. Early signs include white spots. This indicates that teeth are losing their minerals. This whole process is called demineralization.

A Cavity’s Life

Cavities don’t go away by themselves. They are not like a pimple that can be popped. You must take your kid to a children’s dental clinic.

Remember: A cavity can cause gum disease. This can lead to various oral health problems that impact your overall health.

Here are a few more problems a cavity can cause:

  • Tooth Decay: If the cavity spreads to the permanent teeth, the damage will be lasting. The proceeding treatment will be expensive and time-consuming.
  • Infection: Teeth infections can be quite painful. Infected gums need to be treated surgically. This is why kids are given general anesthesia. This can be scary for the parents.
  • A Dental Abscess (Pus): If pus develops under a tooth, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream and affect a child’s oral and general health.

It’s essential to remember a cavity can hide from you for a long time. Not all cavities cause pain. This is why you should take your kid for regular dental checkups.

Little Rockies Kids Dental offers quality children’s dental care. Their warm and inviting atmosphere puts children at ease. For more information about our treatments, call (720) 638-6114.

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