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How Pediatric Dentistry has evolved

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By the 19th century, dentistry had already grown to become a thriving field. The more people realized its importance, the more they chose to invest in dental care. However, back then, there was no distinction between the many types of dental care, and all oral health issues were catered to by a single professional. The dental practice focused more on curing dental diseases than on preventative habits to avoid them.

The Beginning of Pediatric Dentistry

It wasn’t until 1901 that a trained dentist named Minnie Evangeline Jordan opened the first dental clinic solely for kids in Los Angeles. It was the first pediatric dental practice in the US. During the many years of her education and training, Minnie realized that most dental disorders adults face could be prevented if only they were to practice a better tooth care regimen as children.

The Rise and Spread of Pediatric Dentistry

To spread her knowledge and increase awareness, she gave many lectures, presented papers, and even published the first textbook on the inherent relationship between ‘development and baby teeth.’ As a result, Jordan is correctly labeled as the ‘Pioneer of Pediatric Dentistry.’ Due to Jordan’s consistent efforts to prove the importance of children’s oral care, in 1940, American Dental Association finally recognized pediatric dentistry as a separate dental specialty.

National Recognition of Pediatric Dentistry

The endorsement of such a reputable and trusted organization bought pediatric dentistry under the spotlight, causing an immediate 50% rise in children visiting dental offices. Just a decade later, the first Pediatric Dentistry Training Program was founded to train dentists in the art of treating children and managing their oral health concerns.

In the late 1990s, the Secretary of Health and Human Services published a detailed report on the value of maintaining oral hygiene from a young age. With more research came more awareness, and slowly but gradually, people started learning the importance of investing in a pediatric dentist. Soon the American Dental Association officially announced that they recommend children get their first dental checkup by their first birthday. Since then, pediatric dentistry has grown to become one of the ten most important branches of dentistry.

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