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How Do You Treat Tooth Decay in a Child?

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Is your child facing a tooth decay problem? We can relate to the million thoughts you might have as a parent right now. Children’s dental care can be overwhelming for kids and parents alike. This is especially true when dealing with a tooth decay issue. If you wonder how to treat tooth decay in a child, you have arrived at the right place. Let’s find out the important details.

Treating Tooth Decay Problems in Children

Before looking for a child dentist, knowing the possible options for treating tooth decay is important. Here is what you should know.

Dental Exam

The first step is to examine the tooth’s condition thoroughly. Your dentist may rule out the possibility of decay problems in the neighboring teeth and evaluate the size and location of cavities.

Professional Cleaning

In the next stage, your child’s dentist will thoroughly clean the cavities to rule out the possibility of bacterial presence. This step also helps in achieving a clean surface for further treatments.

Restorative Treatments

Once cleaned, the dentist will determine the best restorative treatment for your child. The most common options include dental fillings and crowns. If the case is complex, they may also recommend other treatments like pulpotomy (removing infected tooth pulp) or extraction.

Remember, a dentist’s professional experience is a crucial factor in determining the best treatment procedure. When searching for a children’s dentist near me, you may check the reputation and reviews of a dental practice beforehand.

Treat Your Child’s Tooth Decay with Little Rockies Kids Dental!

The above information highlights the core steps a dentist follows to treat tooth decay problems in children. If you need a reliable dental practice for kids, Little Rockies Kids Dental can meet your expectations. Get in touch with us today to schedule your appointment and begin treatment. 

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