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How Children's Teeth Erupt and Fall Out

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A young boy's mouth with missing teeth

Understanding your children's teeth cycle will help you make the right dental care decisions and provide you with the peace of mind that your child's dental health is exactly where it should be. Here is everything you need to know about children's teeth.

How Do My Children's Teeth Erupt?

The teething process begins once your child is six months old. Before that, your little one's baby teeth have been forming from the tooth buds inside their jaw, and now it is time for the sometimes painful children's teeth eruption process to begin.

When erupting, the baby's teeth push upwards through the soft gums. Situated in the front of your child's mouth, incisors are usually the first teeth to come through. From this point till the age of three, you will notice a steady progression until all 20 teeth have made their way into your little one's mouth.

How Do My Children's Teeth Fall Out?

This brings us to the question of why and how your children's teeth fall out. Well, once all the twenty teeth have made their place, the tooth buds will start growing a whole new set of teeth under the old (baby) ones. During the formation of the new teeth, the roots of the baby teeth are slowly killed off, and it is pushed out of the way, resulting in the children's teeth falling out.

The first sign that you will notice is your child complaining about a loose tooth. According to pediatric dentists, letting the tooth fall out naturally is highly recommended, as removing it prematurely can lead to infection.

Looking for a Children's Dentist Near Me? 

Whether you have recently had a new baby or are expecting, visit the dental professionals at Little Rockies Kids Dental clinic to learn more about children's teeth. Committed to providing high-quality children's dental care, the dentists will sit with you and teach you everything you need to know about making the best dental care decisions. Click here to visit our website, or call us to schedule an appointment today!

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