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General Dentist Vs. Child Dentist (Pediatric Dentist)

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Time and time again, research emphasizes how dental care is a vital component of overall hygiene. Recent studies have proven that poor dental hygiene is linked to the onset of chronic health conditions, including strokes, respiratory disorders, cardiac issues, diabetes, and dementia. Most of these issues develop a foothold at a very young age. Therefore, investing in children's dental care is key to staying healthy in the long run.

Who is a Pediatric Dentist?

A pediatric dentist specializes in the field of children's dentistry. They spend a significant portion of their training learning to deal with kids and understand their oral health and its issues. Pediatric dentists must master the art of communication and interact patiently with youngsters of all ages. Due to the delicate nature of their job, they learn how to speak in a manner that makes their young clients feel safe, secure, and comfortable. Kids will only cooperate if they feel at ease.

How is a Pediatric Dentist Different from a General Dentist?

Qualification: In addition to 4 years of primary dental school, pediatric dentists must proceed to acquire additional education and attend at least 2 years of pediatric dentistry training. During these two-three extra years, pediatric dentists focus solely on understanding baby teeth, child development, behavioral psychology, pharmacology, special child needs, and pediatric sedation.

Orthodontic assessment: Unlike general dentists, pediatric dentists have some degree of knowledge regarding orthodontics. They don't have to refer you to another orthodontist; instead, they are qualified to assess your situation, run tests, diagnose the issue and provide basic orthodontic intervention.

Office Environment: While a general dentist's office may look plain and boring, a pediatric dentist works to ensure that they create a warm, welcoming, and entertaining environment for their little customers. They add color, interactive games, toys, television, and books to their office to create a playful, inviting, and fun atmosphere that helps children feel comfortable and reduce any anxiety. Since adult dental equipment is more prominent and often intimidating, pediatric dentists also acquire special vibrant colored tools, small enough to easily fit and maneuver in a child's mouth.

Let Little Rockies Kids Dental cater to all your children's dental needs!

If you are on the hunt for a reliable and reputable children's dentist, feel free to contact us at Little Rockies Kids Dental. Our professional pediatric dentists are highly experienced in managing and preventing a vast array of children's dental issues. You can trust us with your little one's oral health maintenance.

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