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A Brief History of Pediatric Dentistry

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A young child having their teeth worked on

Pediatric dentistry is a major subcategory of dentistry. It deals with oral hygiene and teeth developmental issues in kids and toddlers. It was originated by a dentist named Minnie Evangeline Jordon in the late 19th Century, who dedicated her life to developing child dentistry. 

How Did it Start?

As the first-ever child dentist in the US, Minnie Evangeline Jordon researched and helped children with various teeth diseases. She provided awareness on child oral health and teeth developmental issues and is regarded as the founder of Pediatric Dentistry.

Recognition of Pediatric Dentistry

Being the first specialized children's dentist, she highlighted how children's teeth needs differ from adults. She wrote different books and papers on pediatric dentistry and organized seminars and lectures at different places to make every parent and doctor aware of this issue.

Success and Recognition

Due to her continuous efforts and never-ending struggle for child dentistry, the American Dental Association accepted pediatric dentistry as an individual branch of dental care in 1940. The ADA started many training programs to promote pediatric dentistry.

Due to the magnitude of her work, many parents and fellow dentists started to realize the importance of children's oral hygiene and teeth developmental issues. As a result, there was a considerable rise in parents taking their children to a child dentist, thanks to her efforts.

Importance of Pediatric Dentistry in 21st Century

Thanks to the ADA and various famous pediatric dental services, child dentistry is readily available to children in America. As the ADA recommends, every child must visit a children's dentist at least once a year.

Practicing this will solve most of our children's oral health and teeth issues. If you find this brief history of pediatric dentistry insightful, book a pediatric dentist visit today.

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