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5 Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas

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Tooth Fairy

Most kids find the concept of the tooth fairy beyond exciting. She leaves treats and money under their pillows every time they lose a tooth. Pediatric dentist Dr. Scott Ohmart recommends that parents should help the busy fairy spread the magic.

5 Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas

Here are 5 fun tooth fairy ideas that parents can try the next time their kid loses a tooth:

  1. Write to the Tooth Fairy

Ask your kids to write a letter to the tooth fairy, telling her about their experience and how they would love for her to visit them. The letters can be tiny for the tooth fairy to read, and you can even DIY tiny envelopes and stamps to post them.

You can also leave a response letter for your kids to find in the morning.

  1. Tooth Fairy Bedtime Stories

You can read a tooth fairy bedtime story to your kids, especially if its their first time. If your kids enjoy it, you can even turn it into a tradition every time a visit comes up.

  1. Tooth-Themed Gifts

While kids are excited to find money in the morning, you can also consider tooth-themed gifts that improve oral health. Pediatric dentists recommend gifts like dental floss, a new toothbrush, or kid-friendly flavored toothpaste.

When kids receive such themed gifts from the tooth fairy, they will likely be more excited and invested in their oral hygiene and pediatric dental care from an early age.

  1. Forgotten Wand

Since the tooth fairy is so incredibly busy leaving treats for kids everywhere, it is possible that she dropped and forgot her wand in your kid’s room. Finding her wand in the morning will likely be more exciting for your child than any letter, money, or gift she leaves.

Perhaps your kid can mail it to her later or keep it safe for her next visit.

  1. Fairy Dust Sparkles

Of course, the tooth fairy leaves fairy dust behind! Even the money and letters she leaves may have a touch of glitter on them. Maybe there is a trail of fairy dust from the window to the bed, where she came to leave a present for her friend.

Final Thoughts

The tooth fairy can use your help to bring magic and pediatric dental care awareness to your kids. Find ways to incorporate the mentioned fun, creative ideas and any others you can think of. After all, you won’t be able to make such precious memories with your little ones once they grow up.

If you want to learn more about the best pediatric dental care, we highly recommend scheduling a visit with Dr. Scott Ohmart at Little Rockies Kid Dental, his pediatric dental office in Parker, CO.

You can book your appointment today by visiting our website.

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