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Dental Care For Your Baby

You can start caring for your baby’s mouth before their first tooth even erupts! Make sure to wipe your baby’s gums after feedings with a warm, damp cloth wrapped around your finger. This will remove the excess food on the gums, preventing any bacteria from building up in your child’s mouth.

Once those tiny teeth do begin sprouting in your child’s mouth, start caring for them right away. These initial teeth preserve spacing for the permanent ones to fit into later. If they aren’t cared for properly, this can lead to tooth decay or gingivitis. Damage done to baby teeth and gums can affect the spacing of permanent teeth later.

Make sure you’re following your child’s meals with water. Most baby food will rinse off of teeth with just a drink of water. However, it is important to begin using a toothbrush as early as possible in order to acclimate your child to it. This will be beneficial to you as well, as children used to having a toothbrush in their mouth won’t fight brushing later on.