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What to Do When My Child Has Tooth Pain

A young girl holding her mouth in pain

With children, you have to take all their problems seriously. They may suffer from many different problems; sometimes, they may complain of a toothache, and other times, they may have a stomachache.

When they complain of a toothache, you need to know that in young children, toothaches occur quite commonly. It can be due to many different causes like incoming teeth, plaque, build-up, food trapped in the teeth, and tooth decay. So, when a child complains of a toothache, here are some things that you can do to ease their pain.

  1. Inquire About Their Pain

If your child is old enough, you can ask them exactly where they feel the pain. You can check if there is any redness there or swelling. Also, check for signs of discoloration or inspect for broken teeth. If you find a loose tooth, that is probably the culprit causing the problem.

  1. Rinse with Warm Water

You can take a glass and add warm water and salt. Get them to gargle with this solution for around half a minute, and then spit it out. This will help in killing any present bacteria and will also accelerate the process of healing.

  1. Call the Dentist

If the problem seems severe, or if you spot any cavities, it is better to call your dentist and get it checked out.


Follow these steps and help your child get relief from any pain in their teeth. If your child is having tooth pain and you are in need of a great pediatric dentist, contact Little Rockies Kids Dental today.

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