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What Age Should Children Begin Seeing a Dentist?

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A child's oral health is just as vital as the dental well-being of adults. Sometimes, it is even more important because smaller problems that are left unattended during the early stages of life can grow to become massive inconveniences later on. Therefore, a child dentist needs to be consulted regularly from when the kid starts to develop their first teeth.

Recommendations can differ as to when a child's first visit should be. But a general consensus is that kids should visit the dentist for the first time when they turn 12 months old or after they grow their first tooth.

When Does the Twice-a-Year Rule Come into Effect?

After the first visit to a child dentist, they can recommend when you need to come in for consultation next. For most kids, it is after the age of two that the bi-annual visit to a dental office should become a norm. This can vary depending on individual requirements, anatomy, lifestyle, and behaviors. A dentist can make accurate and appropriate recommendations in this regard.

A Phase-wise Orthodontic Evaluation

As children grow, their evaluations with the dentist change as well. After two years of age, it is recommended to visit the child's dentist twice each year. When the kid gets to the 4-6 age bracket, orthodontists take the first set of X-rays that help them determine any issues that might be hidden within the oral cavity.

Similar evaluations, examinations, and treatments, if necessary, continue as time progresses. It is, therefore, best to initiate a child dentist visit early on in life to ensure healthy growth of their gums and teeth.


Most experts recommend a child visit their dentist after six months of growing their first teeth. However, the timelines after this can vary depending on the specialists' suggestions.

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