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Short History of Smiles Part2

Smiles of OldWhat about all the old photographs of people who do not smile?  Why is that so?  Well it is much more simple that you thought.  Photographs took so long to take back then that it was near impossible for the subject to hold a genuine smile for that long.  More often than not it would result in an odd looking facial expression.  Can you imagine all the history books with funny looking smiles in them?  

There is another reason why old photos don't show people smiling.  Dental health was not at its pinnacle like it is today at Little Rockies Pediatric Dentistry.  Almost everyone had bad or rotten teeth at some point in their lives.  Because of this a beautiful smile was not viewed as a huge differentiator or attractiveness or even used to attract other people.  Let’s look at George Washington as an example.  He has terrible teeth.  By his inauguration in 1789 he was reported to only have 1 natural tooth left.  So obviously he didn't smile in any paintings.

The smile has evolved due to several outside factors.  It has started as a way to show our aggressors that we are harmless, to now showing someone affection or admiration.  A smile, like language, changes over time and will continue to change.  The invention of modern dental techniques also affected the communication of the smile.  Makes you wonder what the future of the smile will be.

Either way make sure your smile and your teeth are in healthy condition by taking time out to visit Dr. Brady at Little Rockies Pediatric Dentistry at 10371 Parkglenn Way, Suite 260

Parker, CO 80138.  Give your child the right communication with a smile!

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