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Pediatric Dentist Reveals Tips to Relieve Your Baby's Teething Pain

A baby chewing on a teething ring

Teething is possibly the most troublesome time for newbie parents. Infants get fussy and anxious, and you may feel absolutely vulnerable. In any case, at our pediatric dental office in Parker, CO, we bring you the top three tips to help you relieve torment related to teething.

Gum Massages Are a Must

You can gently rub the infant's delicate gums with a clean finger or a soft fabric. This can help diminish a portion of the agony identified with teething. The slight pressure on the gums exerted by your finger can lessen the soreness and is a fast and straightforward approach to make the child more comfortable.

Picking out a Teething Ring

Our children's dentist suggests that parents should find a teething ring that the child likes. It can take some experimentation to discover one that is the correct size, shape, and shading. A child may prefer one kind over another, so you are urged to attempt various options. Strong rubber teething rings are better than fluid rings, as those may break sometimes.

Keep it Chilly, not Frozen

A few parents like to give babies a cold washcloth or a cold teething ring. It is a brilliant idea to provide a cold teething ring. However, it should not be frozen. The gums of a child are exceptionally delicate, and frozen items can harm them. If you have placed a teething ring in the freezer, just let it thaw a bit first.

In particular, take your child to a pediatric dentist by age one to ensure that you are equipped with the correct information to help you comfort your child – and to safeguard their smile for a lifetime. Schedule your appointment today by visiting our website or by visiting Little Rockies Pediatric Dentistry in Parker, CO.

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