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How Often Should Your Child Visit the Dentist?

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Making dental appointments for your toddler may not be the first thing on your mind as you learn to deal with your child’s transition from infancy. However, various studies show that starting regular dental visits at an early age positively correlates with lifelong oral health.

Hence, the sooner you book a dental appointment for your child, the better it is for their oral health.

What Is The Appropriate Age For The First Dental Visit?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that every child should see a dentist by age one or within six months after the appearance of their first primary teeth. Since primary teeth generally start erupting around six months, the guideline holds firm either way.

However, if your child doesn’t grow any teeth until later, then it is okay to delay the first appointment. For instance, if their first tooth erupts when they’re 10 months old, it is completely fine to see a pediatric dentist around the 16-month mark. Similarly, if they start growing teeth at 5 months, then they should see a pediatric dentist by the time they’re 11 months old.

If you have missed this window, book an appointment with a child dentist as soon as possible. It’s better to start now than to delay even more.

How Often Should Kids Visit the Dentist?

Since you’ve started their dental visits, the next question is how often do you need to take them. While your dentist will schedule regular appointments for them, a general rule of thumb is to visit the dentist bi-yearly – for children and adults. However, if your dentist suggests more frequent visits, it is important to listen to them.

If you believe that it is the right time for your child’s first dental appointment, Little Rockies Kids Dental in Parker, CO, is a great place to consider.

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