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Helping Your Child Keep His or Her Braces Clean

Braces on the mouth of a young girlIf your child is undergoing orthodontic treatment or if you’ve ever had braces in the past, you know that they can be difficult to keep clean. Food and plaque can easily become stuck in the brackets and wires, it takes extra effort to floss, and fresh breath can be hard to maintain. However, there are a few steps you can take to make sure your child knows how to keep his or her braces clean and healthy during orthodontic treatment.

Tips for Clean Braces

Below are a few simple ways to help your child keep his or her braces clean:

  • Put together a clean-teeth kit – It’s a good idea for your child to have a dental hygiene kit in his or her backpack, locker, or purse. This kit should include a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, and orthodontic wax. This will allow your child to care for his or her braces on the go!
  • Brush after each meal – Brushing after meals is always a good idea, but it becomes even more important during orthodontic treatment. This will remove any food debris or plaque between the brackets or wires.
  • Spend more time on oral hygiene – You may want to advise your child to spend an extra minute or two brushing his or her teeth. We recommend that 10 seconds be spent cleaning each tooth, paying extra attention to the areas where the brackets meet the teeth.
  • Keep regular dental cleanings – Lastly, orthodontic treatment makes it even more important to keep regular dental cleanings and exams every six months. This will ensure that all harmful substances are professionally removed from the teeth.

To make an appointment for your child to receive a dental cleaning and an exam during his or her orthodontic treatment, please contact Little Rockies Pediatric Dentistry. Our child’s dental office is located in Parker, Colorado.

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