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Dental Spring Cleaning

Summer is just around the corner. Pools have opened up, grills have been put to work. Get ready to go out and smile! Summer time seems to be when we smile the most. Here are 3 reasons why spring time is the perfect time to give your oral health a good review.

  1. It’s summer and we smile more. No science needed, it’s a BBQ fact. We all smile more when it’s summer time. The days are longer and the nights are warmer. Take advantage and smile all day long.The best and really only way we can maintain a healthy smile is to have our teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist at least every six months. Much like our homes or apartments, the regular smile maintenance routine of daily brushing and flossing doesn’t really reach all those oral orifices where the cavity creeps have entrenched themselves since our last dental cleaning.
  2. Find any potential issues before your fun in the sun kicks into high gear. No one wants to spend time recovering from dental work during the summer. You should be out and about showing off that smile! Come and let us have a look before the dog days of summer set in, that way you won’t have to give up any pool days for dental visits.
  3. Dental cleanings help prevent diseases and decay. We are Dentists. Of course we are going to say dental cleanings are the best way to keep a healthy smile. It’s true. We all eat bad stuff now and again. The best way to keep your summer smile bright is to visit us at the start of summer, get a checkup and a cleaning. The people will need sunglasses just to say hi to you.

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