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Avoid These 4 Foods to Protect Your Gums

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The food we consume affects our tooth and gum health. While you should limit sugary foods to a minimum to preserve your children’s oral health, certain foods are much worse for gum health than others. Avoid these four foods to protect gum health.

1. Sticky or Chewy Candy 

In addition to candy being full of sugar, it’s important to avoid sticky and chewy candy because it can stick to your gums and teeth. Bacteria can continue to feed on this and adversely affect oral health.

2. Soda

The high sugar content and acidity pose the same risks as other foods, but the caffeine in soda makes this problem worse. Dry mouth reduces saliva production, and the bacteria isn’t readily washed away.

3. Hard Candy

Hard candy is another food to avoid. In addition to issues with bacteria, children are prone to stabbing their gums with sharp pieces of candy and causing damage. In addition to gum damage, hard candy can also result in chipped or even broken teeth.

4. Ice Cream

In addition to excess sugar for bacteria to feed on, ice cream is cold and can irritate damaged gums. The cones from ice creams can also damage gums, especially if they’re already sensitive.

While it’s helpful to keep these four foods to a minimum to avoid gum health issues, this isn’t all you can do. It’s also essential to stay on top of your children’s oral hygiene. Make sure they brush their teeth twice daily and floss to prevent dental issues. Additionally, you should schedule regular pediatric dental care check-ups to ensure all their oral health needs are met.

You can do this at Little Rockies Kids Dental if you’re in the Parker, CO area. A pediatric dentist can make sure your children’s teeth remain healthy and prevent existing issues from worsening. You can reach our pediatric dental office at 720-638-6114 or schedule an appointment here.


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