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Properly Caring for Your Toothbrush

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The way that you take care of and even store your family’s toothbrushes can have an impact on your oral health. Many of us may not think twice about how we’re cleaning our toothbrushes, but it’s something we should all pay more attention to! There are a few ways to make sure that your toothbrush is clean and disinfected, which will decrease the number of bacteria in the mouth!

Properly Caring for and Storing Your Toothbrush

Below are a few tips on how to properly care for your toothbrush and those of your family:

  • Rinse your brush after each use – After brushing your teeth, rinse your toothbrush under hot water. This removes food particles, bacteria, and any remaining toothpaste from the bristles of your brush.
  • Avoid sharing your toothbrush – This one seems obvious, but some people do share toothbrushes, especially kids. This lets the bacteria from one mouth spread to another, increasing the chances of tooth decay and dental cavities.
  • Soak your brush in mouthwash – Some evidence suggests that soaking your toothbrush in antibacterial mouthwash for a few minutes after brushing your teeth can reduce the number of bacteria on the toothbrush.
  • Switch out your brush regularly – Lastly, you should be replacing your toothbrush every 3 months or when the bristles become frayed. We also suggest replacing your toothbrush after you’ve had a cold or the flu to avoid reintroducing the germs into your body.  

The above tips are simple ways to make a big impact on your oral hygiene routine. To have clean teeth, you need a clean toothbrush! Use common sense when storing your family’s toothbrushes and avoid exposing it to more germs and bacteria.

Here at Little Rockies Pediatric Dentistry, we want your family to have healthy and happy smiles! For more information, please contact our Parker, Colorado child’s dentist’s office today!

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